Zoom app via mobile (not Wi-Fi): QCI 2 or 6?

Hello all.
During the time of lockdown Zoom app seem to have lot of popularity.
Question here is if user is launching Zoom via mobile and not using Wi-Fi, what QCI profile will that traffic use? 2 or 6?

That depends on operator configuration and not on Zoom aplication itself.
Most likely users with Zoom will get nGBR ERAB with qci 6…9.

Zoom and other otts use the same data qci that you use during data downloading normally.
QCIs with higher QoS demand can be linked through service profiling at core end based on MoUs and agreements.

Whether QCI differentiation, service priority, scheduling priority in radio part will work single access point name in CORE network.

There are only 3 QCIs in use right now by all MNOs: first is QCI 1 for volte packets, second is QCI5 for ims signalling and third is QCI8 or 9 used for any other type of traffic except VoLTE and IMS signalling.

6,7,8,9 are Non-GBR QCIs in use by many if configured.

It will go on Internet PDN and what ever QCI profile internet PDN is mapped to.