The AI Search Engine You Control

The first search engine has integrated the chatGPT like search result.

An helpful extension of you com is adding footnotes for sources of information. This makes the answers more credible.

It seems ChatGPT is disrupting Internet. Now, it is Google the one that can be disrupted.

Welcome to the first app that combines ChatGPT connected to Google.

This is only the beginning and we are just in early January!

5 powerful tools you must have in 2023:


Remove unwanted objects from
photos, people, text, and defects from any picture.


Online resume and Linkedln grader instantly scores your resume and Linkedln profile and gives you detailed feedback on how to get more opportunities and interviews.


Soundraw is a music generator for creators.
Select the type of music you want genre, instruments, mood, length, etc and let Al generate beautiful songs for you.


Design a Logo, make a website, and create a brand identity you’ll love with the power of Al.


Get a great copy that sells. It is an Al-powered copywriter that generates high-quality copy for your business.

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