XPIC, MIMO, AM in Microwave Transmission

  1. XPIC

Used to double the link capacity by Transmitting 2 data streams at the same time over the same antenna with 2 polarization (vertical & horizontal).

Using 2 different polarization is the main reason to avoid interference.

Very efficient for frequency utilization.

That’s why we call it cross polarization interference cancellation (XPIC).

  1. MIMO

Increasing the link capacity by Transmitting multiple data streams over different antennas and different polarizations.

Example : MIMO 4*4 use 2 antennas only and 4 data streams transmitted using vertical and horizontal.

That’s why it called multi input multi output antenna.

We can use vertically or horizontally separated antenna installation.

MIMO used also with wireless RF 5G systems.

  1. Adaptive modulation

It’s the Way to dynamically change & control the modulation order based on channel conditions around the link.

We use this feature to get the Best performance with highest capacity

We have to configure min and max modulation for the microwave link and based on the Rx level , SNR and Bit errors the link should select the proper modulation order

Can be used with hybrid and packet traffic

Fixed modulation used with TDM Traffic (PDH , SDH)

XPIC , MIMO , AM in Microwave Transmission

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