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XCHANGING IDEAS #46 Global 5G Evolution (Follow Our Page) - #5g Key Highlights!

Kaneshwaran Govindasamy, KL, Malaysia - Global Cybersecurity Outlook Jack Hu, Taipei, Taiwan – Private 5G Security
Dmitry Kurbatov, Dubai, UAE - 5G Security
Meisong Yan, PE Yan, Greater Houston, US - AI in Energy
Moiz Baig, Dubai, UAE - Securing the Backbone: Critical Network Infrastructure Security in the 5G Era
Suresh Garikipati, Dubai, UAE - Security for Private 5G Networks
Maura Outeiral Garcia, Galicia, Spain - 5G Broadcasting: Measurements and Drive Testing
Alihan ARICA, Bavaria, Germany - Telcos to TechCos: Harnessing data in a competitive space
Andrzej Miłkowski, Warsaw, Poland - 5G MBS. Network efficiency improvements and new functions

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As 5G networks rocket towards wider adoption in 2024, the security landscape is bracing for exciting developments and persistent challenges. The anticipated shift to Standalone 5G, boasting enhanced security features, will demand adaptable solutions. New attack vectors unique to 5G, like network slicing and the explosion of IoT devices, will necessitate specialized protections. To combat these threats, a multi-layered defense incorporating firewalls, encryption, and AI-powered threat detection is becoming the gold standard. While concerns linger around network complexity, supply chain vulnerabilities, and standardization, the increasing focus on 5G security paints a promising picture for a safer and more reliable future.

5G broadcasting gears up for takeoff in 2024! Expect larger trials featuring live events like the UEFA Euros and Olympics, showcasing its potential for high-quality, low-latency content delivery to smartphones. Growth forecasts predict a booming market driven by demand for live sports, and even data broadcasting for connected devices.

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