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XCHANGING IDEAS #44 Global 5G Evolution (Follow Our Page) - #5g Key Highlights!

Kaneshwaran Govindasamy, KL, Malaysia - 5G Vertical Use Cases

Prof Romeo Giuliano, Rome, Italy - New Services on the Path from 5G Advanced to 6G

Dr Tom Kirkham, London, United Kingdom - UK Strategy and how this translates to Engagements and Opportunities with other Countries

Dr Kurdman Rasol, PhD, Barcelona, Spain - 5G Service Based Architecture

Yoshitaka Nozawa, Yokohama, Japan - Demanded Edge AI and Autonomous Networking in Manufacturing Facility

SAIFON CHITDEE, Sydney Australia - AI technology for hospitality powered by IBM Watson AI

Ajay Lotan Thakur, New York, Ontario, Canada - Open Source Test Tool for 5G Core Network Testing

Marina Martinelli, Sao Paulo, Brazil - - Technological Innovation System, Trends and Knowledge Production in 5G and 6G Networks

Simon Gunanta Karo Karo - Industrial IoT for Smart Manufacturing

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Thank you, @kanesh. It was an outstanding presentation and a good discussion on the 5G and 6G topics. It was an honour.

Thank you @Marina for your outstanding contribution!

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Thanks Kanesh for the great forum. If anyone wish to know more about the tool then do reach out to me. Thank you.

Thank you @ajaylotanthakur for your outstanding contribution!

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