World's first AI software engineer

This is the BIGGEST AI news of 2024:

A startup called Cognition Labs just dropped the world’s first AI software engineer:

  • It’s called Devin and it can write complete apps by itself
  • In a demo, Devin was able to complete real jobs posted on Upwork
  • It also correctly resolved almost 14% of GitHub issues found in real-world open-source projects (better than many developers)

Eric Glyman, Cofounder of multi-billion $ startup Ramp, called it the “single most impressive demo I’ve seen in the past decade.”

Perplexity’s CEO called it the first AI agent “that seems to cross the threshold of what is human level and works reliably.”

This is what the future looks like.

LinkedIn: :point_down:

Guru Musk is right again.

AI is more fatal than nukes!!!

It should be used to augment and assist humans… not to replace them!!!