World first 5G NR SA call on CBRS spectrum

# Ericsson and Qualcomm achieve first 5G NR call on CBRS spectrum

Industry achievement will enable wide range of new applications for enterprise and industry verticals

1st live 5G NR call on CBRS announced today !

Paul Challoner (VP Network Product Solutions at Ericsson): "1st live 5G NR call on CBRS announced today ! I am very proud of team Ericsson for achieving this tech leadership milestone ! I can tell you its gets hot on the roof in the photo in Plano in a Texas summer , but its worth it ! This is an early step in getting prepared for the move to 5G CBRS as the 5G NR CBRS ecosystem matures ! Thanks to our partners at Qualcomm for their contribution. I remember submitting first proposals to CBRS Alliance ( now OnGo Alliance) 2 years ago and now to see first call is a great vindication of those early efforts. This is another capability to fully unleash the innovation band, whether for FWA infrastructure, mobility offload or enterprise innovation it will augment capability in the band ! Thanks to all those who contributed to the band over the years! "

Source: Ericsson

Maybe opening space for some “private” SA networks.