WiMAX. Transmission

I live in area where no Internet service available what so ever.
Let’s call it area A. And there is other area has Internet using cellular towers we will call it area B. The distance between area A and area B around 200 km.
Now how can I provide area A with Internet.
I thought about purchasing multiple SIM cards and insert the SIM in modem and connect the modem to microwave link from area B to the other microwave link installed in area A…
Now my question is it gonna work??
Or do you have other suggestions suggestions suggestions or solution?

Hi @Tuhifi.Sam.

Technically it is possible to get a sim card and create internet hotspot and transport it to nearby area through radio link but commercially it’s not feasible.

However ISP may plan to install micro bts to improve range using microwave as backhaul.

Apart from wireless range limitations you also have to consider wireless propagation and earth curvature.
It’s not a simple “set up a wifi link and go”.

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