Will UE receive and display RACH TA as “N/A” and declare MSG2 failure?

Hi Experts,
Does anyone know will UE receive and display RACH TA as “N/A” and declare MSG2 failure?

Like this snippet:

Yes, because of ta not applicable rach fail occurred.

Ealier had seen this.

Couldn’t understand what is meant by TA not applicable and yes RACH failure is occurring due to this. Does it mean eNB sending any invalid value of TA to UE?

Is cell radius properly defined or UE is beyond that time?
Ra window size properly set?
UE beyond that radius defined?

Yes UE is in lab itself. In good case we see TA: 0.
After sometime UE loose connection and rach failure due to MSG2 failure declared by UE.

Do you see msg1 arrived at eNodeB?
Do you see msg 2 sent by eNodeB?

Currently we have only UE logs and no eNB logs at the time of issue occurrence.
Today we are expecting to get eNB logs to check this.
As I said initial RACH is fine, it is just that after sometime UE gets detached and when tries the RACH procedure this issue is seen.
We don’t have the eNB logs for second RACH procedure where the issue occurs.

But from you all expertise and experience under what circumstances does UE declare MSG2 failure with TA value seen as N/A?
Means when TA value will be seen as N/A?

Usualy when you see TA as N/A mean you base station is in crashed state
MSG2 failure as no RAR is recieved.

TA comes in msg2.

Ok thanks all folks for sharing your suggestions.
Let me check from all these points when eNB logs arrive today.