Will there be a Telecom and ICT recession in 2023? (Update: 2024 too?)

Hi All.

Since last few months, many companies portraying recession crsises.

But as far as we see, there is a shortage in resources everywhere and in Telecom, ICT and other fields.

And companies are unable to hire good resources due to unavailability.

What is the actual fact? Anyone can explain?

Will there be a Telecom and ICT recession in 2023

We are still not in recession.

Most companies are anticipating recession and taking pre-emptive actions.

Expect recession in Q2/Q3 of 2023.

Companies will be forced to cut jobs in recession.

People who were not working in 2008/2009 may not properly understand the gravity of the situation.

It is not like this.

10-15 years ago I used to receive 5-6 emails per days with job offers. Nowadays I get maybe one offer per month! Very few job offers.

Also profile of jobs changed a lot. Nowadays they want a guru for every job offer, something like 10-15 years ago 3 people were doing now they want it done by one single guy.


You are absolutely right.

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And after 5 years Zero Guy. (All AI Based :stuck_out_tongue:)

Don’t be so sure AI will do all the job.

3 years ago Huawei said that in 2 years all their network will work fully on SON.

Time passed and they are not yet there.

But I agree this is the trend: automatization in everything.

There is certainly Job cuts, hope there is new ways to recover… in my opinion there is chances for recession in telecom >

What is happening since few years ago is that optimization is not parameter related like back in 2010 (handover parameters, timers, thresholds… not it’s better to relay on SON, AMO, ANR, etc for this kind of optimization)… now is every vendor to develop their features, and is the consultant that needs to know and understand the feature description per vendor so you con advice your clients about whats the road map and strategy to follow… time changes and every one of us needs to change with it.

There will always be RF consultancy jobs

Even AI gets more and more commercial.

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Time changes everything indeed.

There are now less than 10% of the RF jobs that were on the market in the year 2002-2004.

You may not know but an RF engineer was paid with over 1000 usd per day during those years.

Today if he makes 300 per day he is happy.

It has already begin…

Microsoft Joins Wave of Tech Layoffs as Slowdown Spreads

Microsoft Joins Wave of Tech Layoffs as Slowdown Spreads

After recent explosive growth in Big Techs, employees (and companies) are now with challenges:

  • Overhired for the “World we’re in”
  • Interest rates (high) and stock prices (down)
  • Investor pressure
  • Competition and privacy
  • Some companies has doubled the number of people they employed.
  • IA coming to replace them.

As a result, companies are firing!

Has the Bubble Burst? Are Big Tech in trouble?

Or - my opinion: Companies think that salaries are too high, inflated, and with that, they will manage to level down?

It’s bad all over!!! :rofl:

Vodafone to cut 11,000 jobs as new boss says firm ‘not good enough’

Too much investment in 5G with almost no extra revenue. The bill has finally come…

Industrial 5G use hasn’t been as much as expected.

Sometimes I do not understand MNOs.

Users are willing to pay for QoS like 50 USD per month (for example a guaranteed 10 Mbps everywhere anytime).

But MNO do not offer this yet they offer unlimited data with Gbpsec for 5 USD per month.

Something is NOK in this business model.

Especially companies need 10 Mbpsec anywhere anytime and are willing to pay for this. Yet this is not on offer.

I think this is because no one can guarantee that you would get 10 Mbps (For example) anytime anywhere, even though this is done through GBR QoS.

For example, at cell edge, at crowded places it not possible to maintain Qos for every user (Who paid for).

Hence no money.

And MNO live on ARPU of 10 USD per month.

Thats true.

Forget about revenue, but Indian operator failed to get expected congestion relief on 4G.

Did you ever thought why do we have to discuss about why there has to be a cell edge in the city?

I would expect RSRP better than -110 dBm everywhere with enough cells.

It is the same issue since 20 years ago: not enough sites and layers.

RAN did not get enough investment over the years. There is so much SON yet we are not able to predict well enough traffic and to adjust network settings in real time.

Not only about RSRP but SINR as well.

With too much cells difficult to maintain quality.

This is an example of 5G experience: