Will Robot Process Automation (RPA) kill jobs?

Hi Experts.

Robot process automation (RPA) is application of software, not physical robots, to perform routine, high-volume tasks, allowing employees to focus on more differentiated work. It differs from ordinary software applications as it mimics how the employee has worked instead of building a workflow into technology from ground up and thus minimising time to market and greatly reducing cost over the more traditional software-led approaches.

TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant to cut 3 million jobs by 2022: Report

Will Automation kill jobs?

Any type of automation cannot replace Analytical work done by engineer.
Every case, every issue is different.
Every site have different problems.
Automation can only used for big data processing, preparing reports and take away jobs of MIS peoples.
AI/ML may cut actual engineers jobs. Automation may not.
No engineer does manual data processiing now a days.

About 90% engineers in telecom still run on Microsoft Excel only.

Maybe RF Field Engineers uses Excel, rest of the world has moved to Python and other tools.

Yes, but every Excel have different data, different issues.
Without AI/ML it cannot be done.
That too after huge data collection it gives accuracy.
Till then analytical work by individual required.
I am talking about analytical work on Excels, and not just reports.

But how many total employees do they have?

This is unfortunately true.