Will mute call increase if wrong eARFCN is configured for HO?

Dear Experts.

Will mute call increase if wrong earfcn is configured for HO?

Ex. Cell is configured with 3 earfcn for Interfrequency HO and any one earfcn is incorrect.

Definately will degrade.

Ok it’s observed that mute call is increased while there is no impact on other Major KPI.
Is there any other KPI to monitor?

Yes, it will degrade, because UE will not do interfreq to 3rd carrier just to first 2 carriers when/where available.
Call drop rate should be degraded too on some cells.

If wrong eARFCN configured, handover will not happen, right?


Yes handover depends on eARFCN definition.

Volte Mute Rate
Volte Drop Rate
Volte call setup time
Volte HoSr interF

Yes HO is not happening because UE will not be able to measure NBR eARFCN, since it’s incorrect.
VoLTE mute is degraded, rest other KPI not much impact.