Will initial HO be X2 or S1 when NBR added through SON?

Dear Experts.

If any new LTE site is integrated, and NBR are getting added through SON, than Initially HO will be X2 or S1?

System is Samsung.

First you need to check the S1 and X2 interfaces integration.
Neighbors are added normally but if X2 is not available than all HOs will be going through S1.

Hi, thanks.
Both S1 and X2 is integrated but there is high number of S1 HO though X2 link is available.

Any alarm on X2 link?
Check DSP X2 Interface command to see the link added with all neighboring sites?

It’s Huawei command → There will be something like in Samsung.

Yes, I have checked and X2 status is enable.
And no alarm seen.

The first question to ask: are the 2 eNB served by the same MME?

2nd: When you display the HO statistics on hourly basis and X2 availability, is there any misbehavior?