Will 5G deliver all of this hype?

Let’s have mmWave aside for 1 minute (for the sake of not relying 100% on wider BWs).
Do you guys really believe 5G will deliver all of this hype?
I might be mistaken, but benefits are more on Latency and specific deployment of IOT than higher speeds, as it’s being marketed. (again, putting mmWave aside). I’m just playing the Devil’s Advocate here… :slight_smile:

Lte is able to deliver now 13-15 msec ping.
No really need for 5G.
Plus that urllc and mMTC needs 5GC.
I think monetizing 5G will be a real challenge for MNOs.

Just for the sake of enriching the discussion : chinese operators are asking for latencies way shorter than 12 msec.

Then indeed they need 5G for this with high numerology.

For latencies, yes… but operators are marketing TPUT ! :slight_smile:

My opinion, if we look only to air interface I see some potential on minislots on TDD (due to higher amount of DL, for specific markets) and lean carrier for about 10% gain due to higher amount of PRB.

5G is good for MNOs as it solves many of capacity problems but for end user is not much of a benefit.

I doubt this because whenever there is a facility, people will grab it.
This is applicable for 5G also (as happened to 2K, 4K smart TVs, etc).
Before launch of LTE, many were thinking in similar way, but post launch people started using it well and nowadays 4G is not able to meet requirements being raised.

Look at 5G data volumes, are rocketing to the skies.
But that doesn’t mean operators are able to monetize it.
It just comes as part of unlimited plans (like in most of Europe) most of the time within same monthly subscription fee as 4G.
How will MNOs recover their investment in 5G spectrum, 5G equipment, 5G rollout, etc?

In case of india, most of the data plans comes with the data capping (like 2 GB / 4 GB per day) beyond that, consumer have to extra amount.
Furthermore, it is seen that more network download speed improves, subscriber starts more and more downloading.
Unlimited plans are costlier than normal plans.

No extra cost after 2GB / 4GB finish.
They limit the data rate to 64 kbps afterwords.

Yes true.
I mean, to use with same speed as previous we have to pay more.

Maybe the data rates will be changed on 5G with data limits model, rather than validity terms.
And with huge data packs as well, like 100 GB, 500 GB plans rather than 10 GB, 60 GB, etc.
Xy for 200 GB.

That’s with data capping on unlimited plans.

To be honest 4GB per day is more than enough I would say.
People in Europe hardly consume more than this per day because there’s WiFi everywhere.
In Monaco, for example, average monthly subscription plan is around 135 Euro/month.
It is not cheap but only wealthy people live in Monaco anyway.

Irony is, (before 4g launch in India), 2 GB per month was luxury in India!

It’s demand vs supply, one creates it.
Then tariff follows.