Will 2G interference affect VoLTE call?

Hi Experts,
Small query: If we are having 4G and 2G shared equipments; 2G having band interference; will it impact VoLTE call quality as well?

2G having internal or external interference ?

If the HW is same, like if you are using 2G/4G in mixed mode than for sure you are using the same band for both the technologies. If there is external interference than both will be impacted. Specially VoLTE is very much weak in terms of UL Coverage and it will be impacted for sure. Also any alarms on 2G part will cause high UL RSSI on 4G too. I am sure there is no spectrum overlap here.

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Hi, actually your question was too much open for interpretations, so I will define some scenarious trying to answer it:

  1. 2G and 4G with no guard band (200 KHz can be enough) or reusing part or the same spectrum: at a case similar with that but having 4G and 3G the more affected technologie was 3G, due to bad RTWP and the 4G was quite OK. So on my experience you will have impact on 2G.
  2. With there is no overlap between the 2G and 4G spectrum, there will be no problems with Volte due to 2G at least, the interference band that you are verifying on 2G probabilly is a 2G problem due to a refarm strategy problem or the spectrum used for 2G. Solutions for decreasing 2G spectrum usage and increase it on 4G side, have worked very well with no impacts on 4G.

I hope it helps!

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