Why Wireless Doesn't Need More Bandwidth

Another great video from Professor Emil Björnson:

One minute take on why wireless networks won’t need more bandwidth, but rather a higher bandwidth efficiency.
It is of course nice to push up the peak rates even higher, but what matters is the rates that we can reliably achieve everywhere.
To make a parallel: It is exciting that an F1 car can drive 350 km/h in the right conditions, but it doesn’t help us in our everyday lives!
Looking towards the future, I believe the common claim that “6G = more bandwidth = THz communications” is misleading.
Instead, we must improve the bandwidth/spectral efficiency, to deliver uniformly good service everywhere!


The word “bandwidth” has become synonymous with “data speed” since these are proportional when using cables. In this video, Emil Björnson explains why the situation is much different in wireless communications.
There is no bandwidth shortage in 5G, but your speed is limited by the bandwidth efficiency (also known as spectral efficiency).