Why we are facing 100℅ bler?

scc decoding failure…

DCI is not valid

that’s why BLER = 100% ?

Is it possible?

CC1 freq = 2310Mhz, bw 20Mhz.
CC2 freq = 2329.8Mhz, bw 20Mhz.
So, there is 0.2 Mhz overlapping between 2 carriers.
Actually, 3Gpp allow some overlapping BW, but can you change frequency of cc2 and see if any change.

Ok… How it can be corrected?

But this site is working for same.

can you check other cases: Pcell freq = 38750, Scell freq = 38948.

We have checked 5-6 sites, of same, but getting BLER high only this site

I think there should be some mis-configuration. How about you bring down UL MCS down from 27 to lower level (e.g., same as DL 22 or even lower). Now it shows discrepancy of UL throughput, the total throughput is 5.68Mbps, but CC1 and CC2’s throughput are both zero. This means that signaling related throughput should be OK? Only payload are all failed? It also show UL has a very good SINR to support MCS 27? But maybe actually it is not the case. Generally uplink SINR is worse? Since uplink use RB of 48, it is above half of the DL, with better SINR, and the throughput should be around half of the DL?

After software reset issue has been resolved

The site has alarm clear?