Why Voice in 5G NSA is not transmitted by NR node?

Hi Experts.
In 5G NSA, even EPC is connected to IMS, why Voice is not transmitted by NR node?
Does gNB in NSA don’t support QCI1?

SCG is not intended for IMS (qcis 1 and 5 traffic).
It is in the 3GPP specs.

Only for QCI 6~9?

As per this, does it mean SCG is intended for voice only in case of SCG bearer (option 3A) and not SCG split bearer (option 3X)?

Look at the structures.
As per then SCG do not support S1U in option 3.

I am asking about 3A, not option 3. :wink:

Right, pardon please.

Qci1 is voice call, it must be over LTE leg.
But qci2 is video call, it can be over NR leg in NSA mode, right?