Why UE is not reporting A5 measurement for inter frequency cell?

Hi Experts.

UE is not reporting A5 measurement for inter frequency cell.

  1. Gnb configuring meas object and report config and meas gap
  2. In UE logs ue is not measuring neighbor cell
  3. UE attach is working to that inter frequency cell
  4. UE is able to report intra frequency cell but not reporting inter frequency cell

Any suggestions?

Please check if ANR is enabled or not.

And also sctppeer is updated or not.

ANR is not enabled.

It should be enabled.

Else how the neighbours will be updated?

Looks like Thresholds are not proper or condition for A5 is not meeting.

As per original query it stats about measurement report for inter cell, it does not matter wether ANR is enabled or disabled.

Thresholds are fine.

Any other conditions I need to check?

Neighbour measurements are not there in UE log.

I feel UE is not switching to neighbour frequency.

I think neighbor relations need to check in MO dump.

If no relations with neighbor require to enable ANR or perform manually neighbor creation.

hi, if UE does not report A5 that means either condition thresh1 and thresh2 are not fulfilled
or UE cant measure the target SSB, Check your NRHOIF/Interfreq object ifhossbsmtcduration and smtc periodicity parameters. Configure them as sf4 / sf40.
it is not about ANR, you can manually configure neighbour :slight_smile:
Please share source and target beam setting and ssb periodicity so we answer ur question.

Are you able to see from UE log serving cell goes below the configured as in A5?

Yes I am.

Source and target cells are not synchronized