Why turn OFF 5G in new Smartphones?

Hi Experts,

Why are so much people turning off 5G in their smartphones?

According to this article, almost half of 5G users are simply turning off their 5G signal.


Maybe 5G will not be so used as all are expecting (boom)?
Or not too much benefit of 5G that worths the cost of eating battery power?
Or will be preferred WiFi 6 and 6E devices?

The use of higher modulation, multi-frequency bands (low, mid and mmwave) and also carrier aggregation impose higher power consumption on the UEs

One possible explanation: When 5G is provided with DSS, as many deployments around the globe right now, there is no real increment in downlink throughput, since same spectrum is shared with 4G, and there are more PRB used for signaling. UE will need to measure and report 5G frequency, so more battery is used. Hence, as people do not notice any real improvement, they simply turn 5G OFF.

I’m my case I’m using a Huawei 10T Pro with dualsim installed.
The dualsim config lets me choose 4G network type auto with both sims running, but I can’t switch to 5G when both sims are active, it won’t let me.

Why so? Overheating? Or throughput drop?

I think this has always been an issue with supporting DC (2 separate antenna modules, running at full power).

Nope. 5G is draining battery.Very fast.

But why? Is it because more resources, more allocations, more higher power?

Yes. Imagine transmitting in Uplink on 273 PRBs x 12 REs plus LTE 4 CA as well.
A UL speed test would quickly drain close to 1% of your battery :slight_smile:
People don’t need GBpsec speeds, they are happy with 20 MBpsec everywhere!
But they don’t get this kind of QoS.

This is Mediatek evaluation about UE power consumption.
Baseline is power when UE in connected mode with no data transfered.
Baseline power consumption of NR mmwave >> NR sub6 >> LTE.

5G’s Power Problem: