Why to add 5G Nbrs if it is a matter of addition/release the SgNB?

Hello, one small question:
In NSA why we need to define 5G-5G NBRs, if it’s a matter of addition/release the SgNB?

In NSA with same Anchor eNB NR <-> NR Handover is possible.
Also NR Cell configures MR Reporting for Neighbour NR Cells.

But handover between two 5G cells is require Xn interface, right?
Which is not defined in NSA options 3x.

HO Command comes from Anchor eNB.
I might be missing something here, when HO happens its between AU-AU.
Sorry i meant DU - DU.
There is an interface between with DU which i am forgetting.

I think no interface between DU-DU, there’s F1 between DU-CU.

In NR Xn concept is diffrent when compared to x2 Concept of LTE.
In NR one gNB-CU can have more than 100 DU (gNB TRP).

Do you mean there’s logical interface between gNBs?

It is for scg change.
Idea is similar to A6 in CA but in NSA 5G takes the decision so it must have neighbors information

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