Why there is no maxcoderate for format1?

Hi Experts.

Any comment on NRCELL.pucchF3MaxCodeRate (long format 3 for PUCCH code rate)?

This can be 0.8, 0.15, 0.25 while PUCCH format 1, there is no max code rate parameter.

Format 1 can be either 1 bit or 2 bits and carries (bpsk or qpsk respectively) why there is no maxcoderate for format1?

Because maxcode rate is valid when for example with 10 bits sent, 4 are information bits and 6 are redundant bits to recover the information.

In format 1, it is only 1-2 bits info, that can be deduced from the waveform itself.

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Yes, 1 bit for Scheduling request, make sense!

Thanks bud!