Why there are no more jobs in the Telecom industry?

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Why there are no more jobs in the Telecom industry?

The industry was already flooded with a huge number of operational staff maintaining both hardware & software of the telco nodes - mainly technical operations engineers (Deployment, NOC, CARE & O&M). Mainly two things affected the jobs

  1. Reduction in the hardware of the nodes for the last 10 years.
  2. Virtualization of the remaining hardware into Telco cloud infra.

This has completely vanished the role of HW maintenance & only a few SW (application) maintenance engineers were able to carry their jobs. The worst affected domain was RAN
The reduced footprint has also resulted in the reduction of non-technical staff who were managing all this.
This shift has created a huge demand for new professionals in the industry with totally new skills Linux, Network, Openstack but the industry is still struggling to get the right fit.
Either the candidates are not having the right skills or else the exp person from the IT industry doesn’t have a telco background & facing a lot of difficulties after joining here.

This phase will continue for the next 3-4 years till the time networks move to a pure cloud-native architecture.

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Due to upgradation of new technology , professionals are lagging the the upgraded technology , new skills .With area of telecom world ,professionals are expertise in an individual field, day by day the current profile in telecom world gets older and older and no demand in future results in lacks in finding new jobs. you hardly get trained if you are going to adopt new telcom technology. Example , professionals having experts in optical fiber communication donot have idea abot the 3G,4G and 5G technology. With advancement of IOT, AI in the telecom world requires a professional expertise .

“The number of jobs opportunities available in the market remains the same loosely speaking. Only the requirements for those jobs changes based on the technology, business model and miscellaneous other factors”
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