Why telecoms groups have fallen out of fashion with investors?

Hello Experts.

According to Financial Times, investors are pesimistic about the telecom industry outlook.

What’s your personal opinion?


RF Specialist

Telecoms has been, since 2015 years where fixed line was in the decade 1990 to 2000.
The telecoms horse was rode for as much as it could go. 5G is nothing more what New Generation Network (NGN) was proposed late 90s. A Wrap around the fixed line switch to carry data.
5G is proposed as a wrap round to leave voice legacy behind the same way NGN proposed lat 90s.
The business is old and tired.

I see that pessismatic view, more related to the drop in profit margins in the telecom market. Chinese competition is very hostile on the margins, but it is also beneficial in boosting technical development. I don’t see 5G as a wrapper, but as a disruptive technology considering the new business potential of Mmtc, eMBB and URLLC. Even so, telecommunications achieved the promised gains at least a generation later … so 6G can become the expected beacon in a market with such great potential to add value to people’s lives as with remote surgeries, smart factories, cities smart, connected cars …

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