Why PMAX value getting changed?

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Why PMAX value getting changed?

Sib1 it was 23 before R15 now a days it is showing 29 and 26 .

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UL Interference  after PMAX

Pmax is the max allowable transmit power by UE

Earlier max transmit power of UE was limited to 23 dBm and now it’s increased to 26 d|Bm.

That’s why we see different value in sib1.

Also seen PMAX 29 in SIB1.Is it possible ?




It can even be 31. :wink:

PMAX on the network was in NOT Configured Mode.

But we have modified it to 23.

We do have benchmarked the KPIs didn’t found any improvement in N/W.

UL Interference  after PMAX

UL Interference after PMAX.

To control interference from UEs transmitting at high power.

We did the same thing on our network awhile ago, we configured Pcmax to 23 dbm.

We analyzed the city sites alone and rural sites alone, we found slight improvement in city sites on Uplink traffic; however rural sites didn’t improve.