Why Operators choose LTE QCI 7 & 9?

Dear All.

I see some operators choosing LTE QCI 7 & 9.

Anyone has idea why they choose this QCI?

QCI 7 is used in general as per service and seen for many Operator.

Not sure operator can restrict QCI use as it is more service dependent.

Though Operator defined QCI is possible but not from this list.

This is from CN assigned.

RAN will folow.

Any affect 7 vs 9?

QCI 7 and 9 is the service based and is used in general.

7 is lower latency, but higher packet loss rate.

Both are different type service based.

7 is preferred for video live stream, 9 is for bufered streaming.


Background data transfer, like big chuck of data.

QCI 9.

If operator choose QCI 7, do you think their game service is better than other operator running QCI 9?

Not sure.

Packet delay part might comes in play.

But it won’t be impacting the service in big way.

Others can comment…

QCI3 is for gaming but have not seen it being in use.
Because is GBR and too demanding consuming lot of resources.

I always asked my self why MNO do not sell QoS services: for example GBR with guaranteed 10 Mbpsec everywhere/anywhere for 20-30 euro/month.
A lot of people would be interested to purchase this.
But MNO do not have this kind of capacity.

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I guess it is upto Operator.

Usually qci 6 is for LTE data services.

This way they can track LTE data traffic.

This can sell for VIP user.

No not even regular users would pay.

In my country a unlimited subscription (voice sms and internet) is 2 euro/month till 100 GB of data then they throttle the pipe.

But there is no QoS for this.

Meaning in some locations you can’t even open a web page in 2 minutes. Congestion is so high.

VIP I mean is considered at HSS, higher priority.

For live streaming we had eMBMS. But when this service activates then during those hours, in TDD config 2, out of 8 DL subframes, 2 we’re dedicated for eMBMS so we had capacity congestion issues.

So we removed this service.

Currently all streaming is buffered in QCI9.

Here we use QCI 7 IN some ways for fixed wireless home internet like BEC.

But need to tweak on relative priority.