Why MAC TA value decrease when UE move from LTE to NSA?

Hi Experts.
Can same Qualcomm expert clarify to me why MAC TA value jump to ~30 when UE move from LTE to NSA?
On LTE was around 3.
Firstly I thought it some issue with the equipment in the lab but the same thing I saw on the other example made on different vendor and location.
Both examples on Oneplus 8

You mean for NR RACH procedure you get TA around 30 instead of 3?

For NR RACH I got normal value, but later on MAC messages I see 29-35.

Isn’t TA multiplied by 10?

But why different for LTE and NR?

Have a look and TA @ gNB to confirm if you’re not looking at logging differences.

For SCS 30KHz:
NR TA = 2 x LTE TA + 25

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Thanks @O.B , this is helpful