Why is there hard handover in LTE and no soft handover?

Hi Experts.
can any one explain why there is hard handover in LTE and there is no soft handover?

Since frequency reuse =1

can you please explain little more. thanks

Hi bro…lte depend mainly on ofdma which is frequency division. Not like 3g which all work on same frequencies but different scrambling code

in LTE users use different sets of subcarriers, not the same, and the user not necessarily to use the same set of subcarriers when he moves from cell to another

thanks to everyone

I don’t think this is the reason for no soft handover in LTE.

Actually, when you talk about soft handover; the UE is connected simulteniously to several serving cells.
If we try to allow soft handover in LTE. or for that case; even in Hspa, we will run out of transmission resources. Hence; no soft handover in Lte or in HSPA