Why is the LTE900 Coverage shorter than the GSM900?

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Why is the LTE900 Coverage shorter than the GSM900?

What are main factors?

Main reason can be bandwidth, 2G is only 200 kHz, LTE at least 3 MHz, as Tx power is limited on Phone.

Not operator bandwidth, technology bandwidth 2G is 200KHz, LTE can be from 1.4 MHz to 20MHz per carrier.

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LTE use different modulation and encoding techniques, which can affect the coverage characteristics.

As we know LTE employs more advanced modulation schemes that provide higher data rates but can be more susceptible to signal degradation over distance.

That it designed to cover short distance.

Also multipath fading could effect by long distance.


So you should compare Reference Signal Power with BCCH TRX power keeping all other things in Link Budget same.


Yes, compare GSM and LTE link budget .

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UL is a bottleneck in many cases.

That’s why G900 could be a little but better in terms of Voice service in UL as terminals could be up to 2W.

But also CODECs, modulation, SNR and other factors should be taken into account.

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Is BTS Power same for LTE and GSM?

For BTS, it doesn’t matter too much.

Effective coverage depends on UL side (UE).

Once BW is wider for LTE, the noise over RF channel should be higher too.

N = KTB.

Besides power density and modulation and coding schemes already mentioned, GMSK does a great job for narrow band signal!

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The premise for question is not valid.

My network has longer range on LTE900 than GSM900.

Same antenna used, same RF module used.

Standard GSM900 is limited to 30km range because of timing - LTE900 does not have the same limitation.

And we do get LTE signal beyond 30km.