Why is handover taking place from 2nd carrier to 1st carrier while reselection is taking place from 1st carrier to the 2nd?!

Here in UMTS two carriers are there,I should get inter-frequency handover from 2nd carrier to 1st carrier. But while cell reselection between two cells it’s going to 1st carrier instead of second carrier.
What is the reason?

Can I get it by reducing the power of 1st carrier

U might check the traffic balance between the 2 carriers

Usually 1 carrier ecno is poorer than 2nd carrier and the 2 cell might not have the same coverage raduis

If there is traffic imbalance you might want to add offset for the overloaded cell

I would not recommend power since u will ultimately lose coverage…

Doing in midnight usually no traffic

No traffic on 2nd carrier?

Yes, there is no traffic

Can be a single RRU be of dual technology?

Yes, if u have a RRU supporting 2 tecnologys, like 2G and LTE 1800. But in 2 differents BBUs

In Huawei you can use the same BBU with higher UBPB board configuration and operate the GL mode on the same RRU

Nice … :metal:

E/// supports GUL on one baseband

Is the Blade RRU

Yes. RRU3953 can support 1800 GSM and LTE together

@Whatasppuser3, have you any documentation about this function?

@Whatasppuser3, possui/poderia compartilhar algum documento técnico que trate deste hardware Huawei?

Here E////
Single RRU supports Umts 900 and Lte 900 bands.
Is it possible ?

I’ll check it tomorrow and share with u guys

U can change and keep banf prioirty of 2nd carrier as highest :+1:t2:

I have heard its possible in nokia as well with extra fsmf and cpri cabel

Thanks everyone.