Why higher frequency bands are commonly implemented in TDD?

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Why higher frequency bands are commonly implemented in TDD?

In higher band amound of spectrum is high, so no point in wasting such precious spectrum in UL separate spectrum which is required very low.

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What is the limiting factor which allows symmetrical spectrum in FDD?

Why cant we use 90 MHz DL and 10 MHz UL in FDD for say 100 MHz of higher spectrum?

What is the advantage of symmetrical paired spectrum over unsymmetrical paired spectrum in FDD?

Is SUL sort of that kind?

SUL is flop show, no one is using now.

  1. In higher frequency band suffering from poorer coverage capabilities so it need beam forming and this need configuring more many DL RS For UEs send CSI. But in TDD this information sent in UL in the form of measurement report by channel reciprocity c/cs so in TDD can reduce resource consumption.

  2. The other factor minimum frequency BW around 1GHz. If high frequency band is used in DL as in FDD band another frequency band with same BW must be used in UL this posing difficulties in network.planning.

  3. Beside TDD support dynamic support DL UL Resource allocation which is suitable for asymmetric services scenarios compared with FDD, TDD can reduce the waste of ul BW resources when UL traffic volume is small.

This simple way.