Why does session disconnect when signalling msg is fast dormancy?

Hi can anyone tell me about why session is disconnect when signalling msg is fast dormancy?

Internet session disconnects frequently and I saw the PCHR MSG is fast dormancy.

Is strange but check if all parameters are correct… Have you created second FACH?

Not sure. Need to check

Or second S-CCPCH?

Ok I will check which one will help?

And check VS.DCCC.FastDormUe.DF2P.Att and VS.DCCC.FastDormUe.DF2P.Succ if the values of these two counters are not 0, the EFD function has taken effect…
LST USCCPCH check if you have SCCPCH ID 8 and 9 create

What’s is the release?

Release is RAN15

Ok let me check

What is your suggestion?

Check out the documents at the links below for the description of the EFD… Check if everything is ok