Why CS-RS was omitted from 5G?

Hi All,
Does anyone know why CS-RS was omitted from 5G?
How does UE measure DL power of any signal from gNB?

It’s through csi-rs now.
UE will measure CSI-RS RE for measuring interference.

I see, thanks.
But CSI-RS was present in LTE as well.
Has the capability of CSI-RS been enhanced to do this?

Yes, in LTE we used for tm9 mode using ports 15 to 22.
Only difference coming now in 5G these are used to apply antenna weight algorithm used for beamforming using csi reporting.

How about ports 0 to 3 that we used in LTE for CS-RS?
Are they being used by CSI-RS now in NR?

No, for csi-rs port are different, i.e. 3000 to 3031.