Why Cloud Network are Required in Telecom?

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Why Cloud Network are Required in Telecom?

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Imagine there is a Football match tonight.

  1. So, more and more people will start watching this match online.

  2. Then the traffic will start increasing rapidly.

  3. With more users coming online, the load (utilization) of GGSN will start shooting up.

  4. Ultimately load will keep on rising and will gradually going to touch 95%.

  5. Users are still able to see match as some headroom is left for additional traffic.

  6. Once load reach 100% , traffic can not further scale anymore.

  7. Users will get buffering.

  8. At this time you can see Red Dot’s on GGSN load chart, where user experience is suffered to capping of traffic done by GGSN.

  9. Users will start getting buffering as visible on handset on left .

  10. Users can’t view match anymore due to extremely high utilization on network here.

How ever we can handle this without Clod computing using LTE network called Enhanced Multicast Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS).