Why Cell TCP Utilization straight at 40%?

Hello Experts.

We are getting our TCP % straight at 40%.

What could be the problem?

Vendor is ZTE.

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Is this a U900 study?

Is this a rural area?

Is your area of study, is a high scale one; city for instance?

I recommend to not calculate it this way (if this is a big scale area, City/NW)

Instead, use the aggregative average
As Nom/Dom.

Other than this, the TCP utilisation is highly affected by the ucell power utilisation. Try to make overshooting sturdy to reduce power, or do down tilts to limit users# ucell-power-usage.

Do you notice any power congestion?

It’s rural area site is located up above the mountain.

City is remote and distant users as well.

No power congestion is observed.

Site is configured with Cell radius of 10000, Max transmit power 43 and cpich of 36

With TP values of 12 kms

Max TP

I think it’s a normal trend. Just investigate the high spickes.
But the site is pretty relaxed in terms of power utilitization. Check the TCP of NonHS as well to check if the power is going to the R99.
Uneven distribution of the spickes and non-holiday ones.

Cpich is about 20% max cell power. Other control channel total power about same cpich, 20%, so there are 40%
If traffic is small, mean power of cpich & control 40%