Why beamforming not so used in LTE?


Massive MIMO technique is also present in LTE, then why beamforming was not there in LTE?


Massive MIMO means beamforming, there cannot be one without another.
In LTE we just didn’t have AAU (Active Antenna Unit), we had standard 4T4R antennas.
And for such antenna beamforming is not possible
Once you get AAU there will be massive MIMO and beamforming, no matter if 4G or 5G, or both fo them in case of DSS.

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Ok, so means LTE supposed to have only Remote Antenna Unit?

No, LTE can have standard antennas or AAU.
It depends on operator and deployment scenarios.
AAU are expensive, not all MNO could afford them.
And are usually deployed in downtown, where is the high traffic.
AAUs are not for rural area.

Means if any MNO wants to take advantage of Beamforming then they have to use AAU.
Else if they not deploy it then in 5G also they may face same inteference scenario as in LTE.

The main cause is closely related to the ffequency bands e.g. in LTE we use only FR1 bands.

But nowadays also MNO’s still deploying 5G on 600/2500 Bands or whatever is the availability.

Yes, but with low band deployement and by using CA, it’s possible to improve capacity and coverage also.

Yes but in low bands it is diffcutl to get AAUs because antenna woudl be too large.
This is why MNO deploy DSS in low bands.
Like 700 MHz, in US for example.

Yes, totally agree. :+1: