Why are 5G Networks performing worse?

Hello Experts.

According to a recent IEEE Spectrum article, 5G cellular networks are underperforming, disappointing the world.

While throughput and other kpis are better than 4G, if we compare current 5G versus 5G a year ago, network upload and download times have generally slowed across the world.

What can explain this degradation?

  • More customers coming in?
  • Non-Standalone Networks (5G NSA)?
  • Millimetric networks did not take off?
  • Network Optimization Issues?
  • Regulatory barriers?

What is your opinion?

Why are 5G Networks performing worse

Link to the article: (worth the reading): :point_down:

5G Networks Are Performing Worse—What’s Going On?

Millimeter-wave fizzles and regulatory hurdles plague progress

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From My Point of view the main issue for such issue in Some country not all

  1. Site Number and Coverage still not enough
  2. NSA have some limitation in term of User experience and 5G Requirements
  3. Optimization still not Mature enough
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Major causes would be in my perspective for SA Network - Urban Area

I Work in Ericsson system.

  1. NR footprint over the city is still not covered due to less number of sites which results in coverage hole.
  2. Just Drive test in city’s. we should observe NR how it works on field , since it is the beginning . need some time to understand and optimize the same with L3 messages based on Drive test logs.
  3. Later we will go for OSS KPI based analysis.
  4. As i observe , we have lot of SINR issues in network even with good RSRP.
  5. Many overlapping sites with no dominants - we need to dominant a single site or cell based on ISD.( But still 100% cannot be avoided )
  6. Minimize overshooting / boomer cells which is radiating beyond the ISD.
  7. DL BLER is very high which we are not able to meet throughput requirements.

So, finally we result in NR to NR HO fails, N2L fails, L2N fails, Delay in handover decision , MO/MT RRC setup failures ( due to Rach timer expiry of MSG2 )

Some one could share me parameters or suggestions to improve the kpis based on your experiences.