Why 700 MHz band are so expensive?

Hi All.

Why 700 MHz band are so expensive?

Because already occupied.

Ad not much spectrum available.

And it has good coverage.

Right, but does 700 band bring more value?

Has a very good coverage, specially for IoT, so that increase the value.

Primarily for Indoor coverage penetration.

Less number of sites requirement a plus.

Ok, advantage in coverage only? Not for performance?

Yes, it’s a coverage layer only.

For capacity we have to go for other layers.

But 700 price higher than 2.6, much than mmW.

Yes, exactly. 5G icon is what is important! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Probably they may be targeting for less indoor solutions via coverage means.

I mean one wouldn’t make a hue and cry if one gets acceptable coverage and throughput.

Like mmWave is not feasible and only can be deployed at hotspot locations.

With 700 in hand probably less number of sites especially indoor solutions can help the operator.

I agree, for me mmWave is a waste of time, money and resources.

It does not penetrate from Outdoor into Indoor.

How is interworking strategy for 5G 700:

  • SA or NSA better?
  • If LTE 1800, SA 700, LTE throughput higher 5G, which rat should be higher priority?

5G SA always has the higher PRIO.

This afect user experience.

Power on, UE support SA always search SA.

Does 5G have parameter inter-rat priority?