Who know what is VS.IUB.FlowCtrol.DL.DropNum.LgcPort1 Huawei KPI?


Can I have some help with some information about VS.IUB.FlowCtrol.DL.DropNum.LgcPort1 Huawei 3G KPI ?
What does it mean?
If I have something like 20.000.000 units per day means transmission issues?

Thank you!


When the DYNAMIC_BW_SHAPING algorithm of the NodeB is enabled, the NodeB calculates the number of DL frames that are discarded by the NodeB IUB logic port. When other algorithms are used, the NodeB reports 0 as the statistics value. All collected values in a statistics period are accumulated. The NodeB reports the traffic statistics of logic ports that are configured with PATH. The NodeB can take the traffic statistics on these counters for a maximum of two logic ports and it preferentially reports the statistics for IP transmission. If only one logic port is configured, the traffic statistics of only one logic port is reported.