Who is decision maker (UE or eNodeB) for triggering event in LTE or 5G?

Hello Experts,
Can anyone help me to understand who is decision maker (UE or eNodeB) for triggering event in LTE or 5G?

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For triggering UE.
For configuring event to UE, eNB.

Thank a lot @sadanandk2.
Can you help to understand whole flow?

eNB will configure certain event conditions to UE via RRC reconfiguration signalling.
After receiving it, UE start monitoring specific object id (frequency) for specific config id (event) which was configured bu eNB.
On meeting event condition UE report event triggering to eNB by Measurement Report signalling msg in UL.

How eNB came to know to send RRC reconfiguration to UE?

In SIB, lots of triggering info.

eNB do this for every UE for mobility purpose.

There is lot of signalling once eNB configured measid, reportid, measobjectid.
eNB pick values from parameter we configured like a5, a3 offset, threshold, etc.
We can see removal, addition of meas id, report id in rrc connection reconfig.

Yes this thing I want to clarify, that when eNB decide to share reconfiguration msg.
Is eNB share reconfiguration periodically or based on some instances.

In general, when UE make initial connection, after handover, after erab addition removal, after rrc success, etc.

I am looking specific to event (A1, A2 etc) only.
When event trigger, where its trigger and who provide measurements to trigger these events and when.

eNB configure for A1, A2 and send to UE.
UE continuosly measuring RF sig.
If A1, A2 satisfying it sent measurements report to eNB.
Based on that eNB plan for HO.
If A3, A5, etc. triggered.

I was actually looking for the parameters group of each of this events (A1,A2,A3,A4,A5 B1,B2) in Nokia network (The OSS parameters).
Also, is there a way to configure the events measurements and trigger them to get this measurements without triggering the actual HO. I need to get when this events measurements happened and where without the actual final HO action. Thanks

eNB prepares the relevant configuration which can be either addition of removal and sends it in a RRC Connection Reconfiguration message. If it’s an addition configuration, once UE sends RRC Connection Reconfiguration Complete message, then UE is ready to send relevant measurement report whenever the conditions that you’ve sent to the UE are met.

There are two types of reporting; event based and periodically. This information is sent to the UE in the RRC Connection Reconfiguration message.