Which UE supports 4 Uplink layers in 5G?

Dear all,

Can any one help which UE supports 4 Uplink layers in 5G?

Does Xiaomi Poco 6 support 4 uplink layer?

Where to get UE related detailed specification

Most of UEs doesn’t support MIMO for UL.

Just new flagship like Xiaomi 14 Ultra maybe support 2 layer MIMO.

No phone supports 4 layer for Uplink as I saw.

Ok, thank you!

Can anyone confirm for Xiaomi Poco 6?

Xiaomi poco6 is not yet on cacombos.com.

Sso cannot be verified.

But I also know there are no UEs with 4 UL MIMO in 5G.

Here are the specs:

But MIMO info not available.