Which tool can give Timing Advance data for Ericsson RAN?

Hello Ericsson Experts.
Which tool can give us Timing Advance data for Ericsson RAN?
Will it be ENIQ?
Or something else?
If we would like get a dump of TA data from multiple sites can we use the same tool?

For UMTS there is counter available from ENIQ.

For LTE also there is counter available however you need to activate a feature in nodeb and need to do some configuration in ENIQ.
But for LTE it’s better to check TA from CTR in Ericsson Internal TA event.

Can you please clarify what that is?

Cell Traffic Recording file - trace log files.

So, for LTE ENIQ can also be used if we know the Counter ids, correct?

No. For LTE you only have activated relevant feature and you need to do some configuration in ENIQ.

It is possible to extract ta values counter. After activating the feature in RBS, if counter values are not available in ENIQ, talk to Ericsson OSS team.

Feature name is Enhanced Cell id in traces.
Internal Event name in CTR - internal_per_radio_ue_measurement_ta
counter name - pmtimingadvance(but I think this counter is deprecated in latest release of Ericsson RAN).

For E///, a new server is needed besides OSS to support the Timing advance counters as they generate huge data unlike tue propagation delay in 3G or Timing advance in 2G.
Periodic CTR trace for couple of hours can be sufficient