Which RF measurements do LTE UE take when in idle mode instead of normal SINR?

Dear Experts, which RF measurements do LTE UE take when in idle mode instead of normal SINR?

How can I resolve poor SINR issue when the RSRP is good.


Check for interference n resolve…If no hardware or transmission issue

Overshooting !!!

Poor SINR and good RSRP can be due to strong overlap of cells/no dominancy , overshoots, PCI mod conflict or even hardware problem

Also traffic/load of the cells can be one cause.

We have enough traffic on 900band and the PRB for most cells are used up due to congestion

Reduce overshoting
Sinr = signal/noise+interference
Since rsrp is good mean signal is good
Now you have to reduce interference and noise to get good sinr
Simple design action could help a lot

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Is it possible for high traffic to affect SINR? How can this be prevented for a good post drive result

Sure it does affect. Reduce overshooter is mandatory. You can down tilt o reduce power for the cell monitored by drive tester

Yes. The pdsch from other cells interferes with the RS from your target cell.

But instead of measuring sinr , measure serving rsrp and neighbour rsrp. There should be fewer than 3 neighbour cells within 5dbm of your serving rsrp. And 6 within 10dbm

also are you on TDD or FDD, make sure if you’re on TDD you’re obeying mod3, can cause serious problems on frame synced networks.

Ok thanks.

FDD. Dual band 900/1800

ah yeah mod3 doesn’t matter as much then.

Good but I am seeing mod 3 bad spots in my analysis.

Not much though
What can you say about these PCI:303 and 309


Any MOD interference here

303 = 0, 309 = 0, 318 = 0, 324 = 0, 305 = 2
even if it’s FDD that might be causing some issues
as there is a lot of 0!

One Question here, Is it ok to consider SINR in IDLE mode for LTE? or dedicated mode is the right choose.