Which radio access technology will be used for 6G?

Hi All.

Does anyone know which radio access technology will be used for 6G?

I understand that spectral efficiency of 6G must be 10x of 5G.

If I understand, L1 research work still going on.

Nothing concrete came out yet.

10x it is just a trend in every generation… nothing more than just simple KPI.

PHY layer is already dead…it will be almost impossible to get something new out of OFDMA-based signals

The only hope for further network densification as a consequence of (or as a result😁) of using sub-THz bands

Actually, I am going to release my 6G course when I tell about every aspects of future networks including spectrum…

Just few weeks!
P.S. there are a lot of insights from industry and academia :face_with_monocle: