Which QRxLevMin to consider (SIB1 or SIB3)?

Hi Guys.

For idle mode mobility, QRxLevMin is broadcasted in SIB1, SIB3 and SIB5.

Now to calculate the Sintrasearch / SnonIntraSearch / ThresServingLow, which QRxLevMin I have to consider.

Is it from SIB1 or SIB3?

SIB1. Because SIB1 is for serving cell.

SIB3 is for neighbors intra.

Serving cell - sib1.

While evaluationg intra freq or inter freq cellls, sib3 or sib5.

So SnonIntraSearch will be SIB1, right?

Snonintrasearch is for inter frequency.

So qrxlev will be taken from SIB where interfreq details are sent.

That means SIB5?

Yes. For evaluating inter freq nbr cells.

Sib1 qrxlevmin always for Srxlev for serving cell and sib3, sib5 for target cell, i.e. intra or inter freq.

I have only one confusion. :frowning:

To calculate the actual value of SnonIntraSearch or ThresServingLow, which QRxLevMin value has to be considered, because QRxLevMin is broadcasted in SIB1, SIB3 and SIB5.

From sib1 only, as these threshold used for serving values rx lev comparison.

For lower priority Freq for inter/inter rat only snon intra search and thesh seving to be considered.
It’s not as well mandatory to broadcast snonintraserach, only needed.
Srxlev serving from sib1 <snonintraserach<threshservinglow.
Srxlev target from sib5 > threshxlow.

Sorry for litle confusion.

Here is right answer:
For sintra/snonintrasearch we need to take serving cell qrxlev (sib1)
And for threshXhigh/low we need to use sib3/5

Wherever you will calculate serving cell meadutement, take sib1.
For any nbr measurement other than intrafrequency, take sib3/5 depend on nbr type.

Okay…got it! Thanks to all :+1: