Which measurement gap used for Inter Freq measurement in LTE L3 logs

I have 1 query: can anyone check in LTE L3 logs which measurement gap used for Inter Freq measurement in network?
You need to check content of RRC connection reconfiguration.
Ericsson / Samsung / Huawei working hand, please check.

gp0 for Huawei in LTE network I work with.

What is IE name?
I couldn’t find in rrc reconfig.
Will it be in first rrc reconfig after latch only?

Ok thanks. Is it parameter controlled or hard coded?


It is Gp0.

Ok, please check range allowed I need to check can we use gap4, 5 as well values in range or not.

For Nokia it’s hard coded.

As confirmed by Huawei friends it’s parameter in system.

Isn’t that for NR scenarios? My answer was to LTE inter-freq.
Better, for non-SA scenarios.

No, for LTE inter Freq as well we can use.

Not sure about that…
My understanding is that, 4+ is for scenarios with NR, but either ways, Huawei on eRAN 16.1 only supports 0 and 1.