Which kpis give an indication of transmission on 3G and 2G in U2020?

Hi Experts.
Which KPIs give an indication of Transmission on 3G and 2G in U2020?

FEGE tx and Rx.

But Fege tx and rx don’t show if transmission is congested or not…

FEGE tx and Rx gives you an idea about transmission limitations, instead of it is chooked or not stats must be pegged.

You collect FG/GE Rx max speed by 30 days, draw a trend by time, if daily Rx max seem to be limited by a threshold.
It is transmission congestion.

What’s the thing to see from U2020 to check the congestion on specific BW?

Exactly, it shows the BW is congested with limitations.

Does ZTE have something similar for transmission checks?

IUB Congestion and Frame Loss.

2G not has many transmission related counters, can monitor alarms also.
3G transmission issue affect alot to PS service accessibility, retain ability, throughput.
For Iub interface, IPPM is a Huawei private solution, help to measure transmission quality as packet loss, delay, jitter.
FEGE measurement can be used to estimate trans bandwidth congestion of Iub, IuPS.
IuPS, RNC may be connected to PS core by 2 or more GE links. Iups ippath load balancing is very important, if 2 IuPS GE path traffic unbalanced, user throughput may be affected.