Which entity in the gNB set the DRX-Config values?

I have one more question related to Connected mode DRX in 5G.
Hello Experts.

I am confused about the DRX-config parameters (like onDuration, DRX-InactivityTimer etc.).

Which entity does set these values? Are these values set at the MAC level or does the RRC set these values and share with MAC?

In other words:
For the connected mode DRX (C-DRX), which entity in the gNB set the DRX-Config values? Is it gNB-DU or gNB-CU?

The RRC layer is responsible for negotiating and configuring the DRX parameters between the gNB and the UE. These parameters include the DRX cycle, on-duration, and inactivity timer.

The MAC layer, on the other hand, is responsible for implementing the configured DRX parameters and managing the data transmission and reception during the active state of the DRX cycle. It handles the scheduling of data packets and manages the buffers for storing and forwarding the data.

RRC layer sets DRX-Config. Here is an explainer video: Energy Saving Techniques for UE in 5G: RRC States, DRX, and CDRX - YouTube

Configuration of DRX is explained here;