Whether active BWP has different SSB frequency with initial SSB freq?

Dear Experts.
Whether active BWP has different SSB frequency with initial SSB freq?

This is question in my mind since long.

Are there different SSBs like initial SSB ,active SSB?
As per my current info only 1 SSB would be there per carrier.

I think so.

SSBs are available on.
Why one will stop one SSB?

Only 1 per carrier I don’t think so.
Specs at different places have hinted at multiple SSBs.
For eg Kssb have special values to let UE know to go and find another SSB in the carrier.

I mean in frequency domain only 1 ssb at a time.

Why different SSB Freq let’s say we use 2 SSB.

I meant for freq domain only. There can be multiple.

Do you have any literature explaining this?
I mean what is use of multiple ssbs?
And multiple ssb are in only SA or NSA also?
In NSA , we confugure only 1 ssb freq to measure for NSA uUE

See section 13 of 38.213.
It explains about the possibilities of multiple ssbs.

5G BWP in Sharetechnote, not mention about ssb, information of bwp is only frequency bandwidth.

I think each time UE change bwp, ssb is not changed in freq domain.


To my understanding SSB has only 20 PRBs and their location in frequency does not change.
SSB will be different in time and space but not in frequency.

And there will only one SSB in freq domain at a time.

Thanks, I will check.

Yes please.
My understanding of this section is that there is a possibility of an SSB without SIB1 in an carrier and an SSB with an associated SIB1.

From same source:

UE will not monitor anything outside its active BW.
If it needs SSB measurements in active BWP, then SSB has to be inside that BWP.