Whether 40W RRU is good enough for indoor coverage in 2600 band?

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Whether 40W RRU is good enough for indoor coverage in 2600 band?

How is the performance of this band in LTE network?

Yes, how many carriers?

20 MHz TDD technology.

Band-41 actually.

40W is enough :+1:t3:

With B41 you should not expect more than 500m of indoor range - even less if its really dense urban area.

And the output power of the RRU does not matter so much, because it will be the uplink signal that is weak

I agree.

We have faced the same range and behavior here in band B38 (2600MHz TDD).


Apart from coverage, what are the advantages and disadvantages observed practically in this band?

What kind of issues that one may face while launching LTE services?

I guess one disadvantage may be lower uplink speed than FDD?

For TDD you must be careful about interference.

All BTS’s must be GPS-synchronized and have the same subframe config (and special subframe config) in order to avoid interference between DL and UL.

Throughput will be naturaly lower than FDD, for both UL and DL.

I think Band 41 is long enough to let you implement more carriers per cellsite to meet traffic demand.

B41 is also great for 5G.

Band 41 is one of the best supported frequencies for 5G devices.

Yes, n38 too.

But b38 for LTE only for events UL is super limited. 290 Mbps DL, 35 Mbps UL.

Which LTE frame config do you prefer in your network?

I guess config1 is better UL capacity rather than config2.